Vintage French 1933 Holy Year Medal of Jesus Crowned with Thorns, Face of Jesus Medal, Ecce Homo Medal

$38.00 USD

Vintage French 1933 Holy Year Medal of Jesus Crowned with Thorns, Face of Jesus Medal

It reminds me of the miraculous crucifix in Limpias, Spain. See below if you have not read about it before.

The medal measures between 3/4" and 7/8" in diameter.

Silvered metal (not solid silver, but beautiful patina!)

From online:

The Miraculous Crucifix in Limpias, Spain

Since March 30th, 1919 word spread that in Limpias extraordinary events happen. It was said that the beautiful image of the Holy Christ of Agony moves its eyes, giving the sensation that his body is moving, that he would bleed and sweat. Limpias became famous and many pilgrims came to visit from all over the world.

The first to see the miracle was Father Antonio Lopez, a professor at the St. Vincent de Paul school located in the village:
“One day in the month of August 1914 I went to the Church with the intention of installing an electrical light in the main altar. I was alone in the Church on a ladder leaning on the back wall of the image of Christ crucified. After two hours of work, I started to clean the image so it would be seen better. My head was at the same level as Christ’s. Less than two feet away through the window rays of light were penetrating beautifully and completely illuminated the altar.

"Noticing nothing abnormal and after a long time of work, I stared at the eyes of the image and observed that his eyes were closed. For several minutes I saw with clarity his eyes closed, even so that I started to doubt if they were ever opened.

"I couldn’t believe what my eyes were contemplating. I started to feel my strength diminishing and I lost my balance, I fell off the ladder to the ground, suffering great pain. After recovering my reason I was able to confirm from where I was that the eyes of Jesus crucified still remained closed. I rapidly abandoned that Church, and told my community what happened. Minutes later after leaving the Church I met the sacristan who was about to ring the bells of the Church for the Angelus. When he saw me so agitated, he asked me what was wrong. I told him what happened, and he was not surprised because he had heard before that the Holy Christ had closed his eyes in more than one occasion.”

The Rev.Barón Von Kleist, a priest from the village, said:
"Many people testified that Our Lord looked at them, to some in a subtle way, to others with some sadness, and to some with a penetrating and a sidelong glance. Many saw tears in His eyes, others say to have seen drops of blood falling from His wounds produced by the thorns of His crown. Many and various manifestations were documented: seeing the image of Christ move His eyes from side to side at the moment of the blessing and looking at the whole Church in a captivating way, and also moving his head crowned with thorns and sighing."

There were thousands of testimonies. Most of the miracles took place I think in 1919. To read more, may I recommend miracles of the church dot com. It is beautiful to read!!!